Customized Hanwei Naginata
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This is a Hanwei Naginata that was rebuilt to custom specifications.

The owner wanted a more unique look, a better haft, and an upgraded polish on the blade. The haft is ash which has been shaped, lacquered, and wrapped in natural (un-bleached, un-dyed) cotton cord, then lacquered again.

The upper portion of the haft (nearest the blade) has been wrapped in same which has been smoothed, lacquered white, and painted with a trail of blue hare tracks, then clear lacquered again.

The standard tsuba has been replaced with one depicting three rabbits and the blade's etching has had the red lacquer removed and replaced with blue to match the rabbit tracks while all of the original metal furniture has been taken off and refinished as well. The ax head has been taken to bare steel, the habaki reshaped slightly and the seppa have been replaced all together.

The blade had some minor geometry issues which were corrected, and a new polish removed the acid wash and allows the hamon to be shown off much more nicely, though the photos don't really capture all the details.


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