Custom Bokken
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These are various bokken I've done in the past, and each will be described in turn. One thing you'll notice right away is that all of my bokken are carved with a ha as opposed to rounded , which is more common. This is simply due to my training, and I'll make a bokken to whatever tradition, style and specifications the client prefers.


This is not strictly a bokken, but is used for training students during bokken and shinai drills in Kenjutsu. It is a laminate of white and red oak with a very tight white cotton cord wrap.

This is my personal bokken. Note the profile and geometry, which approximates the edge of a blade while not sacrificing the strength lent by the thickness. White oak with a cotton cord wrap.

This is a bokken made to the client's specifications, for the client's eleven year old son.

This is a very short Yagyu bokken with the ha profile at the customer's request.

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